About Hilliard's

Ryan Hilliard founded Hilliard’s Beer in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle on October 7, 2011 with a focus on making great craft beer with the best available ingredients. After many years of home-brewing, success with his pale ale at GABF provided a much needed kick-start to turning the dream into reality. Being a dad, he wanted to create something close to home and easily accessible as well as widely available to those who couldn’t make it to the brewery. This thinking led to a family friendly taproom and the decision to package primarily in cans.

Following an exhaustive hunt for a space the brewery could grow into over time, Hilliard’s beer landed in a former auto service garage built in 1947. The building featured high ceilings and plenty of space to expand. After stripping out what wasn’t needed and upgrading what was, the current space - flowing easily between brewery and taproom - was created.

At Hilliard’s we are dedicated to simplicity, excellence, and care of process as we brew beer that can be appreciated by the informed and informal beer drinker alike. We believe in quality without exclusivity or pretentiousness, from our ingredients, to our brewery, to our staff. We will always be happy to share our knowledge and passion for what we’re doing, whether it’s in answering questions about our brew process or explaining our overall philosophy.

Made in Ballard, drunk everywhere.

photo by Jonathan Vanderweit

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